• Reinforced Concrete Frame Contractors


All-Form Group Limited can supply and fix concrete reinforcements for all manner of construction works in London, Essex and the surrounding counties.

Building projects of today are becoming increasingly diverse in their nature – but with this encouraged diversity comes new challenges for management teams and their groundworkers. As specialist reinforced concrete frame contractors, we have the knowledge and the experience needed to help guide our clients through any and all of their formwork requirements. 

And by providing a comprehensive range of solutions, including RC frame construction services and steel fixing, we can take much of the work load away from our clients, facilitating a smoother delivery in the process and ensuring that even the most complicated of works are delivered within budget.

To aid this, our trained personnel can monitor deliveries and examine schedules to identify – and fix – shortages that might otherwise cause delays further down the line, saving our clients valuable time and resources in the longer term. 

Our Concrete Reinforcement Services

We are pleased to offer a full suite of reinforcement services to cover both sub structural and super structural requirements. You can rely on our team to:

  • Supply and fix all concrete reinforcements and sundries
  • Deliver prefabricated steel materials
  • Provide mesh placements
  • Weld rebars
  • Carry out post tensioning
  • Carry out jointing and coupling

Our staff are well versed in civil works and have managed a range of infrastructural projects in London, Essex and further afield, including overseeing the construction of bridges, rail sites, and water treatment works. We also offer a labour only service for clients who require extra pairs of hands onsite in order to meet pre-established targets.

RC Frames

Without a well-constructed RC frame, your project will never get off the ground. All-Form Group Ltd develops custom-designed RC frames that have been engineered with expert precision and are designed to go the distance. We’ll work closely with the overarching design team and other contractors to ensure our frames are installed quickly and efficiently, ensuring the main build can commence on schedule and there are no unnecessary delays.

Steel Fixing

We are highly experienced in all manner of steel fixing construction works, including securing rebars and steel mesh structures. We offer full risk assessments during the initial phase of the project as standard, we will work diligently with the rest of the onsite team, and we will manage all steel fixing requirements from design to completion.